Behind the Lyrics...

This was the first track I had ever produced and mixed myself with little to no experience. I released this in 2017 with the urge to get my music out into the public. It's called "Me, Myself & I" because I had felt very isolated all throughout high school & elementary school. I was always excluded from my friends and I was never really invited to things so I decided I'd write about it. I wrote about this situation in my life because I had hoped someone could relate to the emotions that I was feeling.This song wasn't perfect, but I didn't want it to be. I wanted it to be relatable. 

This song is called "Vibe" and it is featuring another artist named Seven Taviss. It was produced by Seven and mixed by James Moore. This song was the first song I released on all platforms. It was released on March 2nd, 2019. This song talks about living life in the moment with someone rather than putting labels. "Vibe" expresses the fun, playful and simple side of not wanting to get too involved with someone. Why is more likely for men to sleep around and get praised for but when it's brought up by women it's shamed upon. So this song talks about the logistics and roles of that. 

I named this EP "Know My Name" because people tend to pronounce my name wrong and although I know my name is common I decided that I wanted to be the first ("ay-sh-uh) to make a difference through my music


The very first EP I ever put out is called "Know My Name". They were produced by two good friends of mine, Fabricio Kelly (FabKelly) and Justin Hicks. These three songs tell stories in different areas."Sad Upset Depressed a Mess" originally was just a poem which is what you hear at the beginning of the song. I had no intention of making it a song because it was just a simple poem I had written about depression, and once I had performed it in front of a friend they had insisted that I make it into a song and so I did. It talks about how it feels to have depression and how it feels to know someone who has it. There are many people who suffer from depression such as myself, and I wanted to put into words what I would of wanted someone to say to me when I was down. The next song is called "Black Skin" which is dedicated to the beauty of all melanin skin. Growing up I didn't grow up around people with my skin tone so I didn't know how to love it. I didn't grow up seeing it in the media or in my neighbourhood so I decided to write a song about what I would've wanted to hear growing up.  It is not only a message to myself and to all that are melanin, but it is a message to all little black girls that are scared of living in their skin.  I wanted" Keep Up" to signify the love and relationship side of my life. To remind people that you don't have to settle with someone who isn't giving you the same energy and effort. You should never have to settle for less than you deserve. It is a message to people struggling in unbalanced relationships and friendships. I hope that the songs that I've written show people that you are not alone with whatever you are going through. I hope I can be someone you can relate to in the good times and in the bad. 

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